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Pole-Vault Companion

Your place for pole-vault workouts, advice, and knowledge sharing by a pole-vaulter for pole-vaulters.


Welcome to the Pole-Vault Companion

Hi, I’m Chris Sandoli, and I created the pole-vault companion website as a place for beginners to advanced level pole-vaulters looking for free training, practice, and other information about the pole-vault. Our sport is small, and I’ve learned and compiled so much information over the years from personal experience, coaches, and other techniques that helped me break my plateaus.

Check back soon for some of the latest updates and posts, to help with your upcoming season.

Check out the latest posts below

A Pole-vaulters Guide for Meet Day

Meet day is here. You’ve probably been thinking about it for a week, maybe two, or maybe only since last night. Either way to me it’s the most exciting day of the week when I was competing. You finally get the chance to get that new PR, you know you are going to jump higher…